Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Moving on Up

Hungry for some more My New Muse? Of course you are. In this month's issue of AU magazine the 'Hey You! What's your Style?' page makes it's debut with a few extra photos. Now you have a way to enjoy yourself in the dirtiest sense without having to worry about your monitor getting damaged. How could you resist?

Alexandra and Gerri (Granddaughter and Grandmother), Belfast City Centre.
How often do you go out? Everynight. She wears me out.

Lauren, Belfast city centre.
What's your inspiration? Pearl Jam and nineties girls.

Remy (her third appearance!), English Society Secret Party.
Describe your style? Not yours.

Mark, Belfast City Centre.
Who do you compare yourself to? Serge Gainsbourg.

Alanna, English Society Secret Party.
Describe your style? Spectacular.

Steven, Urban Outfitters.
What are you wearing? Awesome green corduroys from Japan.

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