Friday, 24 July 2009

Light of my Life!

belfast has recently exploded in a hubbub of style, laughter, gigs and goodness. it's hard to ignore the complete disregard that my generation has adopted towards the whole julytime nonsense. i am spending these few summer months truly enjoying what my hometown has to offer, as belfast promoters have slammed their distinctly neutral feet onto the events accelerator. maybe it's the almost chatterly sense of taboo still lurking amoung our parentage, but us young'uns are seemingly more determined than ever to continue partying. add a drop of sun to this already delightful state of affairs, and people spotting becomes far less laborious. there's no sign of the cultural outburst stopping either, with glasgowbury tomorrow and the trans festival still not over. all that's left to do now is hope and pray the good mood of the youth prevails, before we retreat back into our apathetic winter daze.

there should be one more here of the beautiful lady i snapped at the bang boutique opening, but unfortunately my new camera plus my unsteady hands rendered the photo useless. note to self - be better at everything. also, the little gothic-lolita-in-the-making above is a mere 13 years old, which i believe is entirely worth mentioning.


Ross Idzhar said...

nice blog and nice photos - what camera are you using?

a face for radio said...

olympus stylus epic :)